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   Nanday Conure Training and Behavior

A Nanday Conure is very intelligent, sociable and outgoing. Nandays can be taught to talk and, although many bird books dispute this, many Nanday owners report that they can have a fairly large vocabulary.

The Nanday Conure loves to climb and to play and can quickly get out of hand if not given proper training. There are a number of parrot training courses available that are especially effective for taming and training nanday  conures.

For the most part, Nandays are very adaptable birds. However when you first receive your Nanday Conure, it will be scared and stressed due to the change in environment. It is best to leave the Nanday in the cage for the first few days except for brief handlings of about 10 minutes each. After a few days your new Nanday will be ready to interact more readily with the entire household.

Provide your Nanday with a large bird cage, at least 20 X 20 X 36, so that he can open his wings all the way and so his tail does not drag on the bottom of the cage. He will need a couple of bird swings and bird perches and several bird toys, especially bells and bird chew toys. Nandays love to chew so be sure and provide plenty of wooden bird toys and untreated leather toys for them to chew on.

Nandays enjoy bathing and showers. In the wild they will often bathe in the rain. Try placing a glass pie plate with about a quarter of an inch of water in the bottom of the cage for bathing and spraying the Nanday with water from a spray bottle.

Some behavioral problems that you can expect from your Nanday are screeching and biting. Blowing softly in their faces will often discourage this behavior. Never hit your bird, yell at him or squirt him with water as a punishment. This may cause your bird to lose trust in you and prevent you from training or establishing a rapport with him.

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